Course Layout & Pro-Tip

Hole: 1 , Par: 5

To start your round at Fort Langley Golf Course, we have a long uphill Par 5 measuring 484 yards. A drive to the right center of the fairway will give big hitters an opportunity to reach the green in two. Beware, out of bounds guards the left side of the entire golf hole. A fairly flat green offers the player a great chance to make birdie and set up the day for a career low round.

  • Blue Tees: 484 yards
  • White Tees: 456 yards
  • Red Tees: 383 yards

Hole: 2 , Par: 5

On a clear day, the view down the Bedford Channel and of Mount Baker could disrupt your focus on the task at hand. An elevated tee with out of bounds left demands an accurate drive to the landing area. From there, a mid-iron shot is required to lay-up left of the lone Scotch pine tree guarding the right side of the green. A 50-yard pitch shot is then required to a green with two bunkers front left and back right. Easy putting with a gently sloping green, par is a good score here.

  • Blue Tees: 513 yards
  • White Tees: 502 yards
  • Red Tees: 455 yards

Hole: 3 , Par: 3

After playing two fairly long and demanding holes, a medium length par 3 awaits. With a pond and a deep greenside bunker to the right, and an undulating putting surface, a well struck iron shot is required to set up a birdie chance. Leaving yourself an uphill putt here could eliminate the dreaded three putt bogey.

  • Blue Tees: 165 yards
  • White Tees: 153 yards
  • Red Tees: 100 yards

Hole: 4 , Par: 4

Winding down the left side of this golf hole is the Salmon River and out of bounds once again. A straight 260-yard drive is required to the right center of the fairway. Your next shot is a demanding mid to short iron into a sloping green guarded by two pot bunkers and a tree to the right. The best spot to putt from is the middle of the green. Pars are good here, birdies deserve an ovation!

  • Blue Tees: 393 yards
  • White Tees: 321 yards
  • Red Tees: 283 yards

Hole: 5 , Par: 3

The great feature on this short Par 3 comes on the tee of “Boulderock”. On any given day this hole could measure 106 yards to 160 yards in length. Throw in a south-west prevailing wind and the choice of club off the tee could be very difficult. The green is surrounded by bunkers and has some undulation in it. A shot to the middle of the green should guarantee a well-deserved par. A quick peek to your right will provide you with a spectacular view of Golden Ears.

  • Blue Tees: 155 yards
  • White Tees: 130 yards
  • Red Tees: 105 yards

Hole: 6 , Par: 4

A straight medium length par 4 requires an accurate drive to a generous landing area with mounds on either side. The next shot to a slightly elevated, two-tiered green is a mid to long iron. Don’t over-hit the green by too much as out of bounds is lurking just 15-yards from the putting surface. Good course management will yield a solid par.

  • Blue Tees: 417 yards
  • White Tees: 375 yards
  • Red Tees: 332 yards

Hole: 7 , Par: 4

Hole # 7 is a dog-leg to the left, which requires a tee shot of 230 yards to the right center of this generous fairway. from there an accurate mid to short iron is required to clear the front greenside bunker. An undulating green will challenge all players gunning for a birdie!

  • Blue Tees: 381 yards
  • White Tees: 375 yards
  • Red Tees: 332 yards

Hole: 8 , Par: 3

A long, slightly up hill par 3 awaits all confident players. This hole requires a long iron shot to a small “push-up” style green. Errant tee shots will be penalized as the rough around this green is traditionally kept on the long side. A good short game is required here as many shots fail to find this postage stamp green. Once again, par is an excellent score here.

  • Blue Tees: 182 yards
  • White Tees: 176 yards
  • Red Tees: 167 yards

Hole: 9 , Par: 4

Bombs away! This fairway allows the player to grip it and rip it! At 45-yards wide in the prime landing area, a little fade or draw of center will not hurt you. Coming into the green gets a little more difficult with three bunkers guarding the right side of the gently sloping green. Find the middle of the green and an excellent birdie opportunity awaits to complete the first half of the round.

  • Blue Tees: 394 yards
  • White Tees: 387 yards
  • Red Tees: 298 yards

Hole: 10 , Par: 4

After a well-deserved snack and refreshment, Fort Langley Golf Course bares its teeth with a 437-yard par 4. A long drive of 275-yards avoiding a pond to the left will enable the player to reach this green in two shots. A long iron is then required to an elevated, narrow green which has two large bunkers guarding it. Once these tasks have been successfully completed, a fairly flat putting surface will reward the player with par. Very few birdies are made here. Play conservatively!

  • Blue Tees: 437 yards
  • White Tees: 426 yards
  • Red Tees: 422 yards

Hole: 11 , Par: 5

Back to some more fun here! This short par 5 offers up a generous landing area off the tee. From there, a key decision is to be made: go for the green or lay up. If you go for the green, you’ll have to contend with two pot traps that block the right front part of the green. By laying up about 100 yards from the green, an easy pitching wedge will give the player a glorious chance at birdie. This green is very subtle and almost every putt is fairly straight. Eagles have been made here with careful execution!

  • Blue Tees: 494 yards
  • White Tees: 486 yards
  • Red Tees: 367 yards

Hole: 12 , Par: 4

This is the first of three consecutive dog-leg holes. From the tee, a drive down the left center of the fairway will shorten this hole by one, maybe two, clubs. From the landing area several different shots can be played. You can fly the ball to the putting surface, or a bump and run shot will work as well. Finally, if it is windy, a knock down shot will result in a green in regulation. Very easy putting on this dead flat green. A very good chance at birdie.

  • Blue Tees: 418 yards
  • White Tees: 410 yards
  • Red Tees: 362 yards

Hole: 13 , Par: 4

The thirteenth hole at Fort Langley Golf Course offers up a challenge from tee to green. A dog-leg right with a pond located at the corner puts a premium on the drive. A straight drive of 235 yards down the left side of the fairway will enable the player a clear shot to this large green. From there a well struck mid-iron shot is required. Errant shots to the left and long over the back are penalized as deep collection areas swallow up all miss hits. Find this green in regulation and another birdie could help obtain that low round of the year.

  • Blue Tees: 389 yards
  • White Tees: 367 yards
  • Red Tees: 356 yards

Hole: 14 , Par: 4

This golf hole is a medium length par 4 dogleg to the left. A drive of 220 yards towards the right center of the fairway will set up a good approach shot to the green. This three section undulating green will challenge all players to obtain a birdie or par!

  • Blue Tees: 350 yards
  • White Tees: 327 yards
  • Red Tees: 310 yards

Hole: 15 , Par: 3

Welcome to “Amen Corner” at Fort Langley Golf Course. This par 3 has a lot of trouble to avoid. With a pond left of the green and two sod-wall bunkers on either side of the green, accuracy off the tee is vital. The putting surface is undulating and has a shelf located back right. As with many challenging holes on this course, a shot to the middle of this green makes life a lot easier. Par is an excellent achievement here.

  • Blue Tees: 184 yards
  • White Tees: 158 yards
  • Red Tees: 148 yards

Hole: 16 , Par: 5

Our “Signature” hole requires patience and good course management. A blind drive of 260-yards left of center will leave you short of a large pond, where you should ring the “bell” for the players behind you. Your second shot will be a long iron to reach the corner in a tight landing area. Your approach shot requires an extra club as the green is elevated some fifty feet. Warning ! Do not leave your approach shot short as it could roll down the steep hill. A flat putting surface is the only breather you get on this monster golf hole.

  • Blue Tees: 510 yards
  • White Tees: 497 yards
  • Red Tees: 394 yards

Hole: 17 , Par: 3

Wind can play a big factor here with an elevated tee. The single most important factor to a good score is club selection off the tee. With a narrow green surrounded by four strategically placed bunkers, any stray shots are gobbled up. The putting surface is somewhat gentle except for the far right front pin. Keeping the ball below the hole here is important, avoiding another possible three putt bogey. Par is very good!

  • Blue Tees: 131 yards
  • White Tees: 124 yards
  • Red Tees: 116 yards

Hole: 18 , Par: 4

Take a deep breath! Your mental psyche will be challenged on one of the finest finishing holes in the Fraser Valley. An elevated tee providing a clear view to our southern-style clubhouse will give you a good target. A tee short of 265-yards is required to the center of the fairway. From the landing area, a mid to short iron is required to carry over a large pond to a green surrounded by bunkers. Once you have reached the green, the last putt of the day is no guarantee as a very undulating green can create a large number in a hurry. Sometimes par on this hole can feel like a birdie.

  • Blue Tees: 380 yards
  • White Tees: 372 yards
  • Red Tees: 362 yards

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