The Fort Golf Club is a society within the Fort Langley Golf Course.

Join the Fort Golf Club for regular golf events, leagues and social activities.

Within the framework of the Fort Langley Golf Course you will find the Fort Golf Club. The Fort Golf Club is a mixed club of Ladies and Men who are full members and season pass holders as well as green fee players at the course.

The schedule for the Golf Club begins in March and runs through to the second week of October. There is a Tournament with a different format every weekend during this time. Ladies Day is every Tuesday morning and Men’s Day is every Wednesday afternoon.

Joining the Fort Golf Club will offer you the following benefits:

  • A RCGA Handicap card and registered handicap.
  • A banquet ticket for the Awards Banquet at the end of the year.
  • Eligibility to play on Ladies Day, Men’s day and/or on the weekend.
  • Full access to the club computer for recording scores.
  • The privilege of playing at preferred tee times.
  • The opportunity to win cash prizes and/or golf balls.
  • The least expensive Golf Club to join in the lower mainland.

Just like any other club when you join you become eligible to play in club events.

It is your choice as to which events you wish to participate in.